Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Life lately [according to Instagram...]

Life is crazy, but awesome!

I've been capturing what I can on my phone; here's a little update. :)

A few weeks ago, my parents came out to visit and we headed over to Cleveland to see the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Who knew there could be TWO ENTIRE FLOORS dedicated to the Grateful Dead?! My dad was in heaven. It was actually pretty neat to see the artifacts and read the background of the band, considering I pretty much grew up listening to the Dead.

We bought a second fridge. I abso-freakin-lutely LOVE it. Perfect for stocking up at Sam's Club. Or when I have 12 dozen cupcakes to store and they all have to be refrigerated. 

I came up with some tasty Thanksgiving cupcake flavors. This is my favorite - Pecan Pie. Butter yellow cake filled with pecan pie filling and topped with fresh whipped cream. Definitely a knife & fork cupcake.

I had an order for 125 cake pops. If you've ever made cake pops before, you know that's a lot of cake pops. It was so much fun! Luckily we had a Friday off school for parent/teacher conferences so I set up the card table in front of the TV and cake-popped the day away!

Love this photo of red velvet cake batter. I'm getting really excited to come up with some exciting holiday cupcake flavors because...

Christmas is COMING! Also evidenced by this fantastic new coffee creamer. The first morning I tried it, I literally smiled all the way to school as I sipped my coffee. (Granted the drive is only 4 minutes, but 4 minutes of smiling is a great way to start the day!)

My gym got a new treadmill. Touch screen. And it goes downhill! Talk about making running easy. ;) Actually, I'm looking forward to some killer hill workouts on this puppy this winter to prepare for Boston.

I stole this new flavor of Clif bar from my mom's pantry - delicious! Why are there only 5 flavors available in the good ole' Bean Town?

Last weekend my Business Man and I traveled home so I could attend my high school BFF's baby shower. (She's the first one! So excited for her & her hubby!) Of course we had to stop into the place where our love first blossomed... and buy some candy. My Business Man was convinced he didn't need any, but then when I went to find the bag of candy later, it was half-gone! Wonder how that happened?? ;)

I had been hoarding magazines for weeks leading up to the drive home and back to the Bean Town. As I was reading my Rachael Ray Christmas magazine (only the best edition of the year!), I came across this Smell-O-Vision ad. Hmm... the pumpkin pie recipe actually smelled pretty good. I can't quite say the same for the squash & bacon recipe.

That's it! I'm off for Thanksgiving break and so excited for a few days of R & R. Happy Thanksgiving!

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